"Friends, bike polo players, cyclists and bicycle lovers, first of all we are a community."

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Team - Call Me Daddy - FRANCE

Today Call Me Daddy team is composed by Paul Vergnaud (captain & founder), Luca Semeraro and Alexandre Valcke. Luca is 24, Alex is 23 and Paul is 30. William Jenneret (founder) took his retirement last year after he knew he would become a real daddy in june 2018. William is still a CMD player and will always be. Alex was like our little brother for years and to pick him was really natural. Friendship is our main objective since years now, no matter your level or skills.

Johan was the third founder and played one year with us. We created the team for Karlsruhe tournament in Germany in 2010. William & Johan were looking for a stronger third and Paul was looking for a stronger team, looks like we did a great choice
Greg joined the team end of 2011 and stayed three seasons with us after we went to our first World Championship final together in 2011 in Seattle (lost 4-5 at golden goal). The “era” of CMD really started with him. We became European Champions in 2012 in Paris for the first time, followed by the World title in Geneva the same year. We also won the Euro Champ in 2013 in Krakow. Greg stayed with us until the end of 2013 season and decided to stop playing for CMD as work was really busy and he needed a breath from the competition. Luca joined the team then and we became World Champs again in 2014 and two more times Euro champs (Padova and Zaragoza). Quentin, originally from Hooks, played the World Squad Champ with us in Lexington last year and did an amazing job despite we lost in final.
Today, Call Me Daddy is the best palmares in the history of Bike Polo. We won 2 world champs, 4 euro champs and 6 french champs. We amazingly played all the World champ finals since 2011, winning in 2012 & 2014 but sadly loosing four times (2011, 2013, 2016 and 2017).

All the players are living in Paris today, Paul works in the sport and fashion industries, Luca in a great restaurant and Alex is the best seller of his bike shop. Living in the same city was not an argument when we first created the team. William and Johan were living in Grenoble when Paul was living in Toulouse. Then Johan left Bike Polo and Greg joined the team, so we used to train in 3 different cities!


Player - Morgan Morgain - FRANCE

Who: I'm Morgan, 30.I'm from Lyon France.


What: I'm a bike polo player, bike messenger , vegan straightedge and addict to nice bike parts. 

When: I started to play polo in Décember 2008

Where: I started to play at La Friche, an old Renault factory which was occupied by different artist , there was a huge bike workshop where i spent a lot of hours and one day it just happened that some guys came to start to play here. Thats how polo started in Lyon and just randomly was there

Why: is there really a why?

POLO Is awesome thats it!


Player - Andrea Paperplane - CANADA

Who: Andrea Paperplane | Mosquito squad member | RYB Denim brand ambassador | Bike Doctor Saskatoon ambassador | WTF FRST 2017 awardee | Fixcraft forever


What: I am an independent documentary filmmaker and I work for the Department of Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan as a community-engaged researcher. I studied anthropology, sociology, philosophy and psychology and have years of experience advocating for and working alongside inner-city youth. I played and coached competitive soccer for most of my life until I discovered hardcourt bike polo.


When/Where: I’m from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and proud to belong to the Great Plains Region. I started playing polo over five years ago and was the only woman in the club at that time. In 2015, I was invited to join the Mosquito squad and received a semi-sponsorship from Riding in Circles that same year. 

Since then, I’ve had the honour to play on teams that have frequently finished on the podium at major tournaments including Regional Qualifiers and Ladies Army. Mosquito placed 9th at the World Championships in 2017 and took 4th at the North American Championships in both 2017 and 2018.


Why: I ask myself this all the time. Over the past five years I’ve incurred several injuries and a lot of heartache as a result of trying to play at the highest level of bike polo. In part because I’m way too competitive for my own good. But why I play bike polo is not as important as why have I been able to continue to play bike polo.

The answer to this, is that I belong to a club that developed respect for me and a squad that has learned to trust me and treat me as an equal. I’ve had the support of my sponsors who saw my potential before I did and have demonstrated unwavering faith in my abilities. I’ve had the infinite encouragement of a few allies who intentionally created space, so I could compete and improve. Most importantly, however, I’ve had countless WTFNB players to look up to – who have led the way and blazed the trail – and the immeasurable strength and resilience of WTFNB community to fall back on.


In short, I play bike polo because I believe that there is a cause I can contribute to and a community that I want to give back to.


Player - Mike Polo - NEW ZEALAND

Who: Mike Broadhead and I’m 35 years old. I own and operate an architectural company in Timaru, NZ. 


When: I started playing bike polo in 2013. 


What: The main thing that I most enjoy about bike polo is the skill required and limits that are being pushed all the time. My drive is to best the best and become World Champion. 


Where: Timaru Bike Polo in New Zealand. 


Why: I started playing cause people I knew said come along and have a go. I used my dad’s mountain bike and absolutely fell in love with the sport. I played a lot of golf growing up and loved bikes so I guess it made for a good combination.